IMG_20302017-2020: 3-year Newton Research Partnership NERC-NAFOSTED (total 447K with 337k from NERC): “Assessing human impacts on the Red River system, Vietnam, to enable sustainable management”. The project has partners at BGS (CEG linkages) and the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology. PI McGowan with Co-Is Panizzo (Nottingham), Leng (NIGL), Vane (BGS).(NE/P014577)

2015- onwards: Ginnie recently started a three year Anne McLaren Fellowship at the University of Nottingham. The project is entitled “Silicon cycling in mangrove systems: an integrated approach from terrestrial to marine environments” and she will work closely with the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, University of Malaya and the British Geological Survey, Keyworth.

2012-2015: Research Co-I on NERC Project “Silicon isotope records of recent environmental change and anthropogenic pollution from Lake Baikal, Siberia” (2012-2015) (NE/J00829X/1).



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